Classical legal services are fading away with the ties, cufflinks and other "important" attributes. Nowadays, only those are successful who may swiftly change according to the 21st century.

Having 10 years of experience in legal services for business we have united to provide the best service. We are trying to meet clients expectations, even if they do not know what they want.

We use SCRUM and welcome the Agile principles. We are not afraid when hearing words Mindmap, CRM and LegalTech.

We do not just take obligations, we are responsible for their fulfillment.

If you need adequate legal support at an adequate cost, then you have come to the right place.
Life is risk management, not risk elimination.
— Walter Wriston, CEO of Citicorp
We manage your legal risks while you run your business.
When do you need a lawyer?
When you think that you DO NOT NEED a lawyer
  • You are planning to start a business or to make investments
  • You have just started a business
  • or your business is already quite successful….
...but all this time you did without legal support


  • Will advise how to invest and optimize the taxation
  • We will help to establish contractual work
  • We will develop and implement business processes and interaction
  • We will check the counterparties and partners
  • We will help with intellectual property rights
  • We will obtain the necessary approvals and permits
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When you think that you MIGHT NEED a lawyer
  • signing of important documents
  • your rights are violated
  • you have been claimed
...and many other situations

  • Will examine the situation
  • Will suggest solutions
  • Will prepare the necessary documents
  • Will conduct negotiations
  • Will support during trial
  • Will help to execute court decision
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When you DEFINITELY NEED a lawyer! Without options.
  • search
  • revision
  • illegal
  • takeover
  • other critical events…

  • Will participate at examination, search or revision 24/7
  • Will take an active part in investigation
  • Will return confiscated equipment and documents
  • Will appeal the results of revision
  • Will carry out protection from criminal prosecution
  • Will protect property by imposing arrests
  • Will implement a set of measures to protect against illegal takeover
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When you just NEED a LEGAL ADVISOR
  • you need a perspective view or alternative opinion

  • Will advise on any legal issues
  • Will keep you updated on changes in the legislation related to your business
  • Will take part in negotiations
  • Will analyze agreements
  • Will guide your in-house lawyer
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    Advantages of Lawyers Group services:
    Professional legal assistance is provided by lawyers with experience in supporting business, resolution of disputes and conflict situations of any kind of complexity
    Legal guarantees exercise of the advocacy profession, including the right to advocate's request, as well as the protection of client-lawyer privilege
    Experience of protecting clients in criminal proceeding, protection during searches, seizures, interrogations
    Experience in crossing illegal actions of law enforcement agencies and controlling bodies
    Independence in decision making, with no "external pressure" from director or other management
    Advocate can act as a mentor to in-house lawyer where advice, "perspective view" or "alternative opinion" is needed.
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